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Prevention and Check ups

Your lifestyle and genetic predisposition have a significant effect on your health, the most valuable asset for you. Following a comprehensive and thorough assessment of your current level of health, our partners will recommend a form of physical therapy or the best way of preventing illness and create your personal health file.

We work closely with the interdisciplinary team of doctors and the in-house institutes. Our check-ups involve reliable diagnostics with the most cutting-edge medical procedures, such as health check-ups, sleeping diagnostics, aging score, nutrient balance test, metabolism test, functional diagnostics specified for different genders and ages, diabetes check-ups, specific group check-ups etc.

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stem cell

The effect of stem cell treatment on many incurable diseases has been proved. Currently the use of stem cell in many countries is still restricted. This dramatically limits the application of stem cell in the medical field. This situation maybe changed along with the latest breakthrough in stem cell research.

The speed at which research on stem cells is evolving makes it difficult to set a clear boundary between what is already reality and offers a concrete treatment opportunity and what will very likely become possible in the very near future.

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detox center

Toxic metals exist everywhere on the earth and they affect people’s health. Nowadays, toxic metals have become a major cause of illness, aging and even genetic defects. Although the focus of detoxification is on heavy metals, the high-polluting substances of the body, detox does not limit to heavy metal detoxification. Detox targets all toxic metals in the body.

The environment pollution is currently a serious problem in China. Chinese people are chronically exposed to a high level of toxic metals from air, water, food, plants and animals during their daily lives. The detox treatment is therefore very necessary for their health.

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Every one of three people nowadays suffers from cancer during their lifetime. Along with the decline of the cardiovascular diseases rate and the increase of human being’s life expectancy by more than one month per year, the prevalence rate of cancer is increasing. In the foreseeable future, cancer will become the main cause of death, instead of cardiovascular disease.  According to a statistics in Germany (see Figure), 450,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Around half of the malignant tumours are surgically removed. And about 40% (50% in the USA) are treated with radiotherapy, among which 27% are treated with radiotherapy only and 13% are treated together with chemotherapy. Radiotherapies or surgeries are regarded as local procedures, while chemotherapy and immunotherapy are systemic procedures which take effect on the entire body. Chemotherapy and immunotherapy are applied for only about 10% of all cancer patients as a sole treatment method.

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We are familiar with all the laws and regulations related to medical field. Under the condition of legality, we provide you a series of opportunities for medical exchanges. If interested, please send us your resume and intended professional direction by email to or call us +41 76 416 9980 (Switzerland) / +86 188 3087 4990 (China).

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