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Healthcare in Europe


German healthcare system

[:en]Germany has the longest history of social care and sound public healthcare system. It promotes a compulsory system, which is dominated by social health insurance and in assistance of commercial medical service. This compulsory social healthcare system covers 91% of the population in Germany. In addition, with the aid of commercial medical insurance, the whole healthcare system in Germany insures medical service for 99.8% residents. Besides, patients can freely choose among clinics, pharmacies, general practice and specialised doctors, instead of limiting to any designed medical service. They can also choose preferred inpatient service under their selected doctors’ instruction.

Strict expenditure management

Medical service and drugs are strictly separated in Germany to avoid any collusion for profit by abusing the prescription right. Suiting the remedy to the case and economising on prescriptions are the unwritten principles for doctors, which is strictly controlled by the medical institutions. Clinics set up budget for drugs by collaborating with pharmacies and periodically check the medicine inventory. Any abnormal inventory/expenditure will be investigated and set on accountability. Criminal liabilities will be prosecuted in the case of violations such as corruption, receiving kickback etc. Meanwhile, clinics are also separated from hospital cares, which ensures the smooth transfer treatments and avoid the situations of remaining inpatients for profits.

Rigorous work attitudes

[:en]Doctors in Germany bear a rigorous work attitude and a high level of punctuality. They follow procedures during their daily work and adhere to the spirit of specialist. Meanwhile they are open to consider and adopt reasonable suggestions at work, without being obstinate. They attach great importance to the communication with patients and their psychological health, with a good habit of doctor-patient conversation and an equal and harmonious doctor-patient relationship. Except for special cases under which doctors discuss with patients and their family, a majority of patients follow their doctors’ opinion for treatments. Patients independently receive all check-ups and treatments from outpatients to hospital care, which thoroughly shows the trust to the medical institution, medical staff and their services.

High quality medical staff

Not only does Germany have the world leading medical facilities, excellent prevention cares and rehabilitations, but also its medical service strictly focuses on safety of medical treatments. To get the prescription right, doctors receive over ten years strict higher education and standardised clinic trainings. Senior doctors train young doctors in words and deeds and with the utmost instruction, which guarantees the best training environment and elevates the overall medical service level in Germany. Doctors are good at various treatments and are capable to implement as a world leader in many specialised fields. Certified nursing staff arranges appropriate clinic time and ensures treatment preparation through a careful planning and high time efficiency, which guarantees the high-quality professional treatment for each patient.

World leading medical devices

“Made in Germany” is not limited in the automotive and machinery. It also features in the global medical device market, from injection paraphernalia, consumables for orthopaedic operation to top-end electronic measuring instruments etc. According to German federal statistics, the total gross output value of the medical device industry contributes to 8.44% of GDP, far higher than other European countries. Following the USA, Germany has the second largest medical device industry in the world. It has more than 170 medical device manufacturers. Export products represent 2/3 of the total production and the value of exported products is ranked on the second place in the world. Germany is also the innovation centre for medical technology. It applies for 1300 patents every year. With its high amount of R&D investment (8% of the sales profit), which doubles the average value in western countries, it also has the highest R&D efficiency. For example, the products of Siemens Healthinners represent the highest level in the world, such as CT scanner, MRI scanner, angiography equipment, ultrasonic scanner, mammography system etc.[:]

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