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Customer Center

Medical secrecy

Professional secrecy protects the relationship of trust between the members of the professions and their clients, which are conclusively enumerated in No. 321 of the Criminal Code (CC). This protection serves on one side the client’s privacy and on the other hand the public interest in the effective execution of the listed professions. The medical secrecy is a professional secrecy between the patient (the secret owner) and the doctor (the secret carrier). Medical staff is under the thread of punishment in case of breaking the law. We cooperate with professional medical staff, strictly follow the law and keep your privacy and medical secrecy.

Service and cost transparency

According to the service of your choice, we provide you the options of standard service and tailored service. Besides a detailed list of all basic service charges, we also provide you with a series of relevant cost-transparent service, such as translation service, car rental, accommodation and tourism etc. to ensure your right and reasonable expenditures during your stay.

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