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medical exchanges

Medical exchanges

We are familiar with all the laws and regulations related to medical field. Under the condition of legality, we provide you a series of opportunities for medical exchanges. If interested, please send us your resume and intended professional direction by email to or call us +41 76 416 9980 (Switzerland) / +86 188 3087 4990 (China).

About Our Resources

Management training for medical institutions

In western countries, strict standards should be applied when medical institutions are established. Daily operation of a medical institution also needs to follow very strict requirements on work safety, quality and staff qualifications. We draft our training programmes in accordance with the JCI (Joint Commission International) standards for international medical institutions.
The JCI standards are recognised medical service standards, representing the highest level of medical service and medical institution management. It is also an authentication mode recognised by the World Health Organisation. It provides the action frameworks for the medical clinics which are interested in the accreditation, and set the management standards for medical institutions and staff from the viewpoint of patients. The core of evaluation is to lower the risk, ensure the safety and continuously improve the quality of medical service. JCI accreditation helps medical institutions to establish the most appropriate management system, provide the high-quality service to patients. It promotes the continuous improvement on the treatment process as the centre of the management, emphasises on detailed management and facilitates the improvement of the management information system.

Medical staff exchanges

In order to promote the cultivation of high level clinical talents, enhance international exchanges and cooperation in the medical area, we provide you with international medical exchange opportunities such as seminars, workshops, training programmes in specialist clinics and hospitals ranging from western medicine to the traditional Chinese medicine. Upon the completion of the exchange programmes, you will receive a certificate with detail information from your trainers in the clinic and hospitals in which the training takes place. To assist you best using your time overseas, we also provide you with tailored Medical English courses based on your personal needs and the requirement of your training programmes.

International medical promotion programme

In order to learn and in-depth understand cutting-edge medical technology, management mode, and staff training from the western countries, receive guidance from the leading medical staff in daily practice, and acquire clinical experience, we provide individuals and organisations (hospitals, clinics, medical staffs etc.) a tailored international medical exchange programme, for instance participating medical workshops and seminars, visiting leading clinics and hospitals, taking tailored trainings for medical institution management and/or medical staff training etc.