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Check you into high-end health care

Our value

Respectful and Honesty

We work with our clients and partners with an attitude of respect and honesty.

Responsible and Dedicated

We are responsible for and dedicated into each part of our service for you.

Professional and Trustworthy

You can trust us as we take care of your health with professionalism and discretion.

Compliance and Ethic

We strictly follow the legal and regulatory requirements. And we work with a high standard of ethic.


AletschMed and team provide you the access to the best medical service in Europe and assist you through your health treatment. We operate as an independent business and enjoy a strong network with hospitals, clinics and doctors. Benefit from such a network and taking advantages of the sound healthcare system in the wealthiest part in Europe, we are able to provide the first-class services to our clients.

Tailor-made service and precision medicine are our core competencies. Your health is our business focus and our solution is precise to each of your cell. We take care of your health in the way that the environmentalists protect the Unesco World Heritage Aletsch glacier. Check you into highend health care.

Our Competencies

  • We have the cutting-edge knowledge of medical treatment and we have long-term cooperation with leading doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical factories and labs.
  • We have in-depth understand about medical service providers and we keep good communication with medical associations and governance organisations.
  • Our translation service team is not only experienced in language translation, but also with a strong knowledge of medical industry. We provide you professional translation throughout your medical treatment.

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