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Prevention & Check-ups

Your lifestyle and genetic predisposition have a significant effect on your health, the most valuable asset for you. Following a comprehensive and thorough assessment of your current level of health, our partners will recommend a form of physical therapy or the best way of preventing illness and create your personal health file.

We work closely with the interdisciplinary team of doctors and the in-house institutes. Our check-ups involve reliable diagnostics with the most cutting-edge medical procedures, such as health check-ups, sleeping diagnostics, aging score, nutrient balance test, metabolism test, functional diagnostics specified for different genders and ages, diabetes check-ups, specific group check-ups etc.


MR and CT

With the help of MR and low-dose CT, we provide you radio therapies and check-ups for nervous system, head, spine, heart, lung, chest, abdomen, pelvis (basin), blood vessels etc. With the aid of advanced detecting instruments and professional knowledge, we help you to detect health risks so that timely prophylactic measures or appropriate treatments can be carried out.

Breast cancer (Mammary cancer)

Breast cancer is the most often seen one among all cancers related to females, especially for women aged between 35 and 55 years old. One of every eight women suffers from breast cancer. Breast tumors cannot be touched or seen. It is therefore necessary to use image detection to screen for cancer. The earlier the cancer cells can be detected, the higher the survival rate of breast cancer is. The probability for females to suffer from cancer increases along with aging. Breast cancer screening should be undertaken once a year for women aged 40 and above.

Lung cancer

CT is the most effective way to detect lung cancer.  China is the country with the most patients with lung cancer in the world. According to the statistics from Ministry of Health of China, the death rate due to malignant tumours in Chinese rural regions has reached 16.7%, which contributes 27.12% of total death. This means one of every four patients died of cancer is caused by lung cancer. In the recent 10 years, Beijing shows the most patients suffered from lung cancer, a rate of 0.053%, and the highest death ratio caused by lung cancer. There is no remarkable increase in curing lung cancer – only 10% of lung cancer patients are cured. This is because the biological complexity of lung cancer and the severe malignant tumours. 80% of patients are confirmed suffering from lung cancer at their late stage. Therefore, early check-ups and treatment are crucial for lung cancer prevention.

Heart disease

The formation of heart disease is progressive and unperceivable and arteriosclerosis is often the cause of a heart attack. In western countries, 50% death is caused by strokes (myocardial infarction).  Cardiac CT examination is an advanced check-up with X-ray and contrast medium. It can precisely detect the narrowing and calcification of the blood vessels at their early stages, and educe the probability of heart disease risk, which helps the patients to take actions so as to avoid strokes. It is also possible to conduct analysis with the aid of computers, in combination with the age and gender of the patient, individually evaluate the danger of heart disease caused by the blood vessel calcification.

Colorectal cancer

Globally, every year there are 930,000 patients who newly suffer from colorectal cancer, and in China there are about 130,000 to 160,000. Currently in China, 46.8 of every 100,000 people suffer from colorectal cancer, barely lower than gastric cancer among all tumours of alimentary canal. Colorectal cancer is one of the three main cancers in China. It shows a spiral increase with a rate of 4.2%, which is far higher than the rate of 2% internationally. New patients are aged between 40 and 60, with an average age of 48.3. This is 10 to 15 years earlier than westerners. Young patients below 30 years old are more often seen in China than in Europe and America.

Prostate cancer

[:en]The incidence of prostate cancer increases each year. One of every six males is with the risk of suffering from prostate cancer. In the past, aged males are often seen suffering from prostate cancer. In recent years, prostate cancer incidence shows younger trend. In China, the preventive check-up for prostate cancer is currently not compulsory. The prostate cancer is therefore often confirmed at its terminal stage.

MRI 3D biopsy is to find the possible locations of cancer by the aid of ultrasound, and then extract biopsy specimen from these locations with the help of a detailed grid for pathological examination.  MRI 3D biopsy is carried out under aseptic conditions with no risk of infection. It causes no pain to patients as it is carried out under a general anaesthesia. It confirms the malignant degree of cancers at different locations and locates all prostate cancer with a high detection rate up of 85% – 100%.


Specific Group Check-ups

  • Sports Check-ups – Assessed by experts from the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre, you can improve your physical and mental fitness.
  • Golf Check-ups – Check up your musculoskeletal system from golf physiotherapists and improve your swing during training sessions with PGA professionals and take your physical condition to a new level.
  • Business Check-ups – Healthy employees make for a healthy business. They will show their appreciation by improving performance and productivity.

Aging Score

Due to our current living environment, eating habits and pressure, recently shows the mismatch of people’s physical age and their actual age, i.e. human body function getting aged much earlier. Aging Score identifies your current level of health with a thorough investigation of the musculoskeletal system, organs and metabolism.

Sleeping Diagnostics

We spend 1/3 of our life time in sleeping. Good quality of sleeping is an important health standard.There are many causes for insomnia. Untreated, it can cause not only constant fatigue and reductions in performance, but also long-term effects such as stroke, heart attack, or immunodeficiency. Take one or two nights time to determine the cause of your insomnia and/or snoring will help you improve your sleeping quality and your health.

Gender-specific Check-ups

The difference between male and female body structure makes difference in heath check-ups for men and women, for instance the differences in reproductive system and urinary system. Besides, males and females face different health risks even at each age period. Check the state of your health with a whole body analysis to avoid possible health risks, such as menopause and/or fertility check-ups.